Dalo International largest second hand used shoes recycler for export, buy second hand shoes

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Q - Where are you located?

A - 206 Shaw rd. South San Francisco

Q - What kind of shoes do you sell?

A - Ladies, Menís, Athletic, Children, Youth, and also Cowboy boots and vintage all used.

Q - What kind of shoes donít you sell?

A Ė Damaged, Excessively worn, or shoes with no match

Q - How are the shoes packed?

A - 55lb bags, 750 bags per container

Q - What is a standard mix?

A - All mixes are negotiated for each sale for your convenience.

Q - Can I decide my own mix?

A -yes

Q - Do you sell specialty or vintage shoes?

A -all sorts of shoes

Q - How are the shoes shipped?

A -Trucks or Ships by sea in Containers

Q - What is the minimum and maximum I can purchase at one time?

A - There are no minimums or maximums you can purchase

Q What payment types do you accept?

A - Wire transfer or cashiers check

Q - Are prices negotiable?

A Ė Yes, we are open to price negotiation depending on quantities.

Q - How much does your footwear cost?

A - Our prices start at 55 cents per pound and goes up depending on the mix you select.


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